Quality Assurance

Montessori Quality Assurance

Committed to Principles of the Association Montessori Internationale

The name Montessori is not protected by copyright. The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was founded by Maria Montessori and her son Mario Montessori in 1929, in order to protect the integrity of her life’s work. The AMI continues to promote Dr. Montessori’s work around the world.

The AMI Recognition program for schools first came about in response to parents’ inquiries for authentic, high-quality Montessori programs for their children. The AMI Recognition program has been offered in Canada since the 1980’s and in the United States since 1973. The Association Montessori Internationale is currently working to establish global Montessori Quality Assurance requirements and to collaborate with each country in this endeavour. In Canada, this will be known as Montessori Quality Assurance, Committed to Principles of the Association Montessori Internationale and it will include the already existing AMI Recognition program.

Schools have also requested an AMI Montessori Quality Assurance program in order to identify them as schools that are committed to AMI educational principles and practices. Each Montessori school operates independently and is either owned and operated privately or as a non-profit organization. The school must follow all provincial guidelines appropriate for the age of children at the centre.

Beginning this school year 2013-2014 the expanded Montessori Quality Assurance program will be offered in Canada. It is a voluntary program for Montessori schools in Canada. It is open to Montessori schools striving to follow AMI principles and practices. Schools that are new to the program will be identified as Member Schools.

Queensville Montessori Academy is proud to be a member school of Montessori Quality Assurance.